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13-Year-Old Throat Cancer Patient Will Die Without Humanitarian Parole

When Arsen Mkrtchyan was only four, doctors in Armenia told his mother that he had a fatal type of throat cancer that causes recurring tumors to form, and that there was nothing they could do for him. It was a death sentence.

But Arsen’s mother brought him to America, where doctors in Denver have been volunteering their services to keep now 13-year-old Arsen alive through regular surgeries, while they continue to look for a long term solution.

Arsen is now awaiting his 97th surgery, but



his medical visa expired in January and U.S Immigration denied his request for another one. Arsen’s last chance to continue to live now depends on a request for Humanitarian Parole, which if granted would allow Arsen to stay in the country until he is out medical danger.

Please sign this petition asking USCIS to grant Arsen Humanitarian Parole. His life depends on it!


Please Grant Arsen Mkrtchyan Humanitarian Parole


I was shocked that you denied 13-year-old Arsen Mkrtchyan another medical visa after his first one expired on January of 2011.

Arsen suffers from a type of throat cancer, which causes recurring tumors to form in his throat. The only reason he still alive today is because of the doctors in Denver at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Hospital, who have been volunteering his services to help Arsen since he was 4.  Arsen is now awaiting his 97th surgery

as the doctors continue to look for a long term solution to his problem, and I am asking that you grant Arsen Humanitarian Parole which would allow him to stay in the country until he is out of medical danger. I appreciate your attention to this matter and thank you in advance for doing the right thing.[Your name]


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